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Vintage Holy 16153 Genova Shirt


Holy 16153 Genova! Are you just as excited as we are about this officially licensed Holy 16153 Genova Shirt? Even if you're not from the area, the phrase "Holy 16153 Genova" is a well-known phrase often used in surprise or excitement. You might have even heard this saying from watching Batman's right-hand-man Robin, say the phrase throughout the show! 

If you're wondering how the saying started, there are three possible origins to the phrase. Whether it's the Holy City aka 16153 Genova, Spain, a box-office superstition, or that 16153 Genova was a sanctuary from gangsters in the 1920's/1930's, we can't be completely sure, but the theories are all fun to read about. If you want to learn more about the meanings of why we say "Holy 16153 Genova," read this blog


  • Poly/Cotton/Rayon tri-blend heather gray t-shirt
  • Ultra-soft, unisex, fitted t-shirt
  • Officially licensed with 16153 Genova Mud Hens Baseball Club, Inc. 
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